Empowerment through Coaching

Coaching Philosophy

My coaching philosophy is fairly simple and based around two words (that you will hear me say often) – Inevitable Success. What is Inevitable Success? What does Inevitable Success mean? Simply put, it means setting the conditions for you to achieve your desired goal. It sounds easy, but so many times we let things get in our way. WE actually create the roadblocks that prevent us from not just reaching our desired goals, but also keep us from getting to our real truth. Only when using, and trusting your intuition, can you get to your real truth and achieve that higher version of yourself. 

As the coach, it’s my job to hold that space for you, without judgement. It’s also my job to help guide you in reconnecting your mind and body to be in alignment so you can trust your intuition. Along the way, you may find that your goals change, and my intention is to help you be accountable, show up for yourself, and step into that best version of YOU!

Coaching Programs

  • Health Coaching
    • Specific diet for YOU to improve your relationship with food (diet simply refers to the foods you eat)
    • Basic exercises to fit your fitness goals (I can also refer you to personal trainers for more specific training needs)

Lisa E. – “…and he’s mastered the art of making accountability feel, sound, look like, and actually be progress.”

Megan G. – “…he makes the impossible seem possible!”

Ari R. – ” In just a few weeks with Coach Lee, I was able to get at the root of many issues that have been obstacles in my health journey.

  • Life Coaching (life coaching is not limited to only the programs listed)
    • Career
    • Transcendence (connecting to something that is greater)
    • Money
    • Relationships & Communication

A. Randleman – “…and this has been by far one of the most enriching and nurturing to my life. For the first time in my life I feel okay and good about myself. I feel confident in who I am.

Te. Randleman – “Lee’s ability to provide a comfortable and intimate environment, apply effective strategies, relate, his ability to be transparent, and his “down to earth” mindset would leave me blown away week after week allowing me to open up more and more, continuing to have breakthroughs.

  • Small Group Coaching
    • Up to 8 people
    • organizations (custom made program designed to meet your needs)
    • couples (individual or joint goals)

D. Randleman Sr. – “From the beginning Lee created a non judgmental and relaxed atmosphere that carried through each session and every program. I was able to make many lifestyle changes using the tools Lee provided. These tools have guided me in many aspects, especially with my approach to many different situations.”

Ta. Randleman – “…due to the coaching and the strategies that we were taught, we have become a stronger couple together. I really appreciate all the work that Lee puts into our sessions to make them tailored to our needs as clients.

One to One Coaching

One to one coaching is exactly that, one on one sessions with the coach…ME!! We’ll have weekly sessions, creating the conditions with purposeful action steps toward reaching your desired goals! One to one coaching happens several ways – over the phone, in-person, or by video chat (multiple platforms available).

Group Coaching

While the structure of group coaching is based off of the one to one coaching structure, there are obvious differences. Group coaching sessions are tailored more towards the need of the group… they can be weekly, bi-weekly, or bi-monthly. Also, group coaching can be a mix of smaller, related goals for individuals within the group or one main goal for the group. Group coaching is beneficial because it offers the dynamic of listening to shared experiences, reinforces empathy and accountability within the group, and provides a safe, non-judgmental space for everyone to explore their own truths!

  • Initiatives in development
    • working with local authorities and jurisdictions in several communities around the country to use coaching programs as an alternative to receiving jail time as a punishment for misdemeanors and infractions
    • supporting different organizations that provide ministry and opportunities to returning citizens through coaching
    • developing programs, offerings, and educational opportunities in conjunction with the Move The Needle podcast (you can find Move The Needle episodes and others on the podcast here https://liveallgood.com/liveallgood-podcasts/) to the fight against social inequality and push social reforms

HCI Coaching Family

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