Functional Exercises


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Masking up!!

While we’ve passed the 1 year mark of the pandemic that has changed everyday life, there is light at the end of the tunnel. With that new day around the corner, I still believe there are some things here to stay, like mask wearing. While it may not be what it looks like while the…

The Mighty Anacostia parkrun / (not) parkrun – Washington, DC

You’ve heard me say this before.. a very important part of living an active lifestyle is surrounding yourself with like-minded people and having a community to support you. Meet another one of my fitness families – the Anacostia Parkrun! Check out this fantastic blog article written about this particular parkrun. For more information on parkrun,…


Accountability Is The Key To Success This is another one of my important communities/families that helps keep me connected and motivated… we all came together through training for and trying to get better at the multisport of triathlon! While we all continue to pursue personal goals, we have had a continual monthly challenge centered around…

Bird Dogs with crunch
V-ups with knee touches
Russian twists with medicine ball – front view
Russian twists with medicine ball – side view
Hollow Hold with 4lb medicine ball swing

Band Workout

Wall Crawls

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