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Accountability Is The Key To Success This is another one of my important communities/families that helps keep me connected and motivated… we all came together through training for and trying to get better at the multisport of triathlon! While we all continue to pursue personal goals, we have had a continual monthly challenge centered aroundContinue reading “AITKTS Family”

Building a community

A very important part of trying to be the best version of yourself and living an active lifestyle (my personal choice), is surrounding yourself with like-minded people and having a community that supports you. Since we are generally social by nature, having a community is a great way to check in with, and on, yourContinue reading “Building a community”

DOn’t quIT

I haven’t posted about my own training for awhile… because I didn’t feel like I was getting anything done!!! I’m sure we ALL have felt like that during this pandemic!! So I haven’t swam since February 2020… I haven’t done any strength workouts consistently, if at all… my diet has been just OK at bestContinue reading “DOn’t quIT”

Functional core exercises

Here’s some more functional exercises to try! While they are mostly focused on engaging and using your core (a strong core is absolutely critical to so many fundamental movements), the compound movements also engage other areas and can be incorporated into HIIT workouts. Although I did these in the gym (I do not currently workoutContinue reading “Functional core exercises”

Pandemic Fatigue

A little vulnerability and disclosure here… but I truly don’t feel it’s being vulnerable as much as it’s being honest! How can you trust things I say or listen to things I talk about if I’m not forthcoming with how I’m also affected on a personal level? So here goes – this pandemic has takenContinue reading “Pandemic Fatigue”

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