Carrot, Potato, and Egg Skillet

Great recipe I found on YouTube that throws the staples carrots, potatoes, and eggs together in a tasty way… enjoy!! Ingredients 1 potato Olive oil 1 carrot Green Onion Parsley Eggs (5) Salt & Pepper (or seasoning of choice) Directions Peel the potato and cut it into thin slices Add olive oil to a panContinue reading “Carrot, Potato, and Egg Skillet”

Sausage and Vegetable Egg Bake

Oh how I love recipes that use a minimal amount of dishes for preparation! And I love recipes that find ways to incorporate more vegetables too! Well… this recipe does both of those things!!! I also encourage you to experiment with this – swap out the seasonings for something else you like better, change theContinue reading “Sausage and Vegetable Egg Bake”