That’s a strong word in the title, and it carries different weight for everyone when they think about commitment. While this post is definitely about sharing what commitment means to me, I also want to take the time and use it to “restore integrity” as I re-enter the digital world of social media. I’ve beenContinue reading “Comittment”

Become Your Own Mountain

There’s so magical and majestic about mountains! Their sheer size alone is amazing! While mountains can stand alone, mountain ranges are even more impressive! I’d like to point out three (3) things about mountains that we can apply to ourselves – becoming our own mountains! First, mountains have a solid base. They are strong, wide,Continue reading “Become Your Own Mountain”

DOn’t quIT

I haven’t posted about my own training for awhile… because I didn’t feel like I was getting anything done!!! I’m sure we ALL have felt like that during this pandemic!! So I haven’t swam since February 2020… I haven’t done any strength workouts consistently, if at all… my diet has been just OK at bestContinue reading “DOn’t quIT”