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Are you ready…?

“Ready for what?” you ask… we’ll get to that in a second After you read this post and check out the Instagram reel (from coach Rachel Sands), I want you to do a search on perfectionism. As someone who is a recovering perfectionist, going down the rabbit hole after searching perfectionism scared the shit outContinue reading “Are you ready…?”


As we get closer to closing out 2020 and moving into 2021, I’d like to share this poem written by one of my clients (shared with their permission). I found it so incredibly moving and powerful and I hope you do too… enjoy! Baba Walking behind my father trying to follow But sometimes I makeContinue reading “Baba”

Speak up, speak out, speak your truth

Please read my open letter on The Unsealed ( – written by Lauren) about how I felt walking through the neighborhood of Belle Haven (about a week before the letter was posted). Some very heavy and powerful emotions were triggered that day and it’s a shame for anyone to have to feel this way. LaurenContinue reading “Speak up, speak out, speak your truth”

A good democracy requires civic participation… from ALL its citizens

While I know many people are skeptical (and with just cause) of government, do not let the selfishness and tyranny of misguided officials skew how representative democracy is supposed to work. I fully understand and know about the many constructs that are in place to suppress voters, and in particular minority voters. Please know thatContinue reading “A good democracy requires civic participation… from ALL its citizens”

Pandemic Fatigue

A little vulnerability and disclosure here… but I truly don’t feel it’s being vulnerable as much as it’s being honest! How can you trust things I say or listen to things I talk about if I’m not forthcoming with how I’m also affected on a personal level? So here goes – this pandemic has takenContinue reading “Pandemic Fatigue”

What we need more of right now…

While the bitmoji .gifs playfully and happily illustrate my point, I’ve been thinking a lot about the message they represent. What’s one thing that’s pretty much a constant and lasts longer than just about anything? Diamonds… well, nah. Money… nope. Material things or physical things (including our own bodies)… again, nope. What about feelings? AreContinue reading “What we need more of right now…”

The Unsealed

My friend Lauren has started this amazing platform call The Unsealed. See what The Unsealed is about, and please see the links that have two very specific letters written on The Unsealed that are appropriate given the current events of our nation. Lauren and I have spoken about how we can use our platforms toContinue reading “The Unsealed”

LiveAllGood Podcast

In this first episode of the LiveAllGood Podcast – Strength, Faith, and Mindset – I talk with Leona Grigsby. Correct, she’s my mom. But her story about faith and mindset is one worth hearing and the circumstances of dealing with this also show how important mental strength, faith, and mindset are in my life. WhileContinue reading “LiveAllGood Podcast”

New Normal

It’s definitely a new normal right now, but we’re adjusting to what we need to do to protect ourselves and others. If wearing masks is here to stay (who knows how long) might as well do it in style! These masks are custom made by Imani Miller-Annibell… (see link below) check out her website toContinue reading “New Normal”

How long do we have to wear a mask?

It’s been difficult to process my emotions and feelings with the “hunting” and murder of Ahmaud Arbery… it has me wondering will “hunting season” ever truly be over? Well, thank you to Sterling K. Brown who somehow found a way to verbalize exactly what I’m feeling… here’s his post from FB

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