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Accountability Is The Key To Success This is another one of my important communities/families that helps keep me connected and motivated… we all came together through training for and trying to get better at the multisport of triathlon! While weContinue reading “AITKTS Family”

DOn’t quIT

I haven’t posted about my own training for awhile… because I didn’t feel like I was getting anything done!!! I’m sure we ALL have felt like that during this pandemic!! So I haven’t swam since February 2020… I haven’t doneContinue reading “DOn’t quIT”


As we get closer to closing out 2020 and moving into 2021, I’d like to share this poem written by one of my clients (shared with their permission). I found it so incredibly moving and powerful and I hope youContinue reading “Baba”


Now that I have your attention (LOL)… Frequently you hear me talk about or read my posts about things like gratitude, positivity, and choosing kindness. While I may sound like a broken record, those things are truly important when tryingContinue reading “K.I.S.S.”


One truly important factor in the rebuild I began 25 years ago started with going to lunch with another one of my best friend’s fathers. He took me to lunch while I was in the midst of trying to recoverContinue reading “Rebuilding”

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