One to One Coaching Testimonials

After working with Coach Lee for the past two years, I have been able to change my approach to solving issues in all areas of my life with his guidance and insight. I am more conscious of my eating habits, the way I speak to people, and the way I listen. Coach Lee’s methods show me how I can tackle every obstacle that interferes with achieving happiness in my daily life. His method requires that I reflect on the good things and what is going well in my life – from the smallest details to the biggest wins! Positive thinking puts everything into perspective and allows me to see the big picture – which is to focus on myself and the things that I can control or when to let go of actions that are not helping me to advance my goals and that may be holding me back. If you have any struggle or want more clarity on your goals, I highly recommend Coach Lee and his coaching methods to help you conquer, move through, and transform to a better version of yourself! – L. Sullivan

As a nurse for nearly 16 years, and health advocate, I’ve always known what my adult health needs were. However, I never seemed to be able to prioritize my mental and physical health in the way I needed for the long term. In just a few weeks with Coach Lee, I was able to get at the root of many issues that have been obstacles in my health journey. Having him as my personal cheerleader and advocate, mixed in with health advice and tips, has been amazing. He helped me unlock the skills I already possessed and encouraged me to apply them to my everyday life. I’m grateful to have found his program and would recommend it to everyone! – A. Ross

It’s always a pleasure working with Lee. I have had many instances where I felt paralyzed with life decisions, where I needed proper guidance in order to overcome obstacles that can help or hurt me. Lee has been a huge help in assisting me to make the best decisions that help me grow mentally, physically, spiritually, and in business. Not only is he a great life coach, but an awesome friend that listens, understands, and does not judge you based on your struggles! – M. Amaya

A key to making a lifestyle change is accountability and Lee’s lifestyle is a testament to what accountability looks like. Lee has this innate ability to develop and nurture relationships built on acceptance and accountability! And he’s mastered the art of making accountability feel, sound, look like, and actually be progress. Lee offers such a positive perspective that your excuses for not living a healthy lifestyle have no validity! And he does this without making you feel guilty about mess-ups and mis-steps, which creates a level of comfort and commitment. Whether my results are good, bad, or indifferent, I look forward to our accountability check-ins and each time I’m more grateful for someone who is genuinely invested in assisting me to become better! – L. Elliott

Lee really helped me pause, and take a look at my accomplishments. I so easily overlooked them, and was distressed that I was not doing enough or on the right path. Lee was there to always point out an accomplishment, or to tilt my perception to notice a win. I felt “seen” with Lee, and felt like he was on my side, more than I was on my own side. He was an unexpected breath of fresh air so many times for me. – D. Munoz

Lee’s fitness boot camp came at a time when I wasn’t focused on my overall health. The daily grind is just that – it grinds you down – and I needed to rebuild myself, both mentally and physically, as these two things are completely intertwined. So, I reached out to Lee because I knew and understood his goals for exerciseto nurture the mind and body. You can’t take care of one without the other. Lee’s boot camp was incredibly inspiring! There was a small group of us, which made the workouts intimate, and allowed for him to focus on each of us. Lee continues to be that inspirational force of encouragement! Lee has helped me through my journey of focusing on what’s important in life – taking care of yourself, mentally and physically, so you can take care of those around you. It all starts with yourself, and Lee has shown that through his dedication to his family, friends, and taking this next step to help others. Thank you, Lee! – R. Ford

I reflected on so many aspects that I never thought about that were affecting my overall health goals. I also learned where my strengths were and really appreciated having Lee acknowledge my accomplishments as well as hold me accountable. – J. Renley

Getting fit takes more than a morning or an afternoon, it’s a lifestyle. Lee knows how to make exercise fun and sustaining. Whether it’s conducting his own bootcamp-style exercise classes or simply being a source of encouragement during that last hill, he makes the impossible seem possible. Every set of exercises he proposes has been thoroughly customized for all ages and abilities. When training with him you realize the limits you think you have are merely benchmarks, and the limits do not exist. Lee has a gift – he can not only foresee the mountain peak ahead but can tell you how to conquer it step by step. I am so lucky to have him play a role in my fitness journey. His positivity is contagious…and life-changing! – M. Goodrich

I met Lee in 2015. He had this infectious positive attitude and we instantly became friends. My mom always said ‘you know your real friends when you are at your lowest’ – I got in a really bad motorcycle accident in 2016 and my life turned upside down. I shattered my elbow and nearly lost proper use of my arm. Lee was that constant reminder to keep on pushing, the workout buddy to keep you motivated, and that shoulder to lean on.  He always seemed to give me the right nudge when I needed it most. Thank you Lee for being there at my lowest.M. El-Bardicy

Wow, working with Lee really helped me to shift my perspectives around money and see some things that were hidden in plain sight. Our session enabled me to break through some walls and Lee’s insightfulness was the vehicle.H. Clemmons

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