Mentoring Testimonials

My good friend and fellow coach Silvie Le Muzic with her testimony

Working with Lee has been an eye opening and rewarding experience! His authenticity, down to earth nature, and sincerity really sets him apart from other coaches! As a woman, and a coach, I never imagined I could experience such warmth, attentiveness, and professionalism from a male coach! Lee was able to help me gain clarity on the next steps I needed to take to start my own coaching business. He also offered valuable insight and coping strategies for the stress I was putting on myself! He’s definitely a natural and I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about taking the next step towards real healing and living a life with purpose. – K. Hutchings

I have sat as a mentee in Lee’s coaching sessions and can say without a doubt that he pours his presence and attention into every session he coaches. He has this natural ability to read into and target what his clients’ needs are in order to create a space for reconnection to their core being, and to create key life-changing habits to support their journey. Oftentimes, the clients may not have known what they were seeking! His work is a peeling of layers until clients face only themselves and their thoughts. The sequence of sessions is thoughtfully customized for each client based on the previous session. The true testament to Lee’s deep listening and observational instinct is his ability to follow his clients into uncharted, unexpected territory and deliver some of the most profound discoveries for his clients!  A program with Lee is the best investment anyone can ever make for themselves — it is truly the inner work that transforms the outer reality. – D.T.