Group Coaching Testimonials

Coach Lee and his Communication Program has been such a blessing to my family. I’ve read books, articles, and attended leadership conferences, and this has been by far one of the most enriching and nurturing to my life. For the first time in my life I feel okay and good about myself. I feel confident in who I am. How all that came out of a communications program, l have no idea, but I am so thankful it did! I have never had anyone in my life cheer me on the way Coach Lee has done. He has shown me how to take my big, huge dreams, and bring them closer with measurable and attainable goals. I have been able to communicate with everyone in my life in much clearer ways and even recognize when an issue that presents itself is really about the communication. I have recommended this program to all my friends and family and I am so excited to start my journey through the health program Coach Lee offers! – A. Randleman

I have completed 3 programs with Lee (Health, Life, & Communication) and each program has been transforming and life changing for my wife and myself. Being skeptical at first, Lee laid the foundation and expectations in our first session on what the coaching was all about. From the beginning Lee created a non judgmental and relaxed atmosphere that carried through each session and every program. I was able to make many lifestyle changes using the tools Lee provided. These tools have guided me in many aspects, especially with my approach to many different situations. Going through the programs alongside my wife has brought us closer and has helped our communication tremendously. Completing these programs has helped me elevate my family’s way of doing many things like health choices, open communication, involvement, and appreciation for one another. I can not thank Lee enough for his professionalism and encouragement throughout every program. I highly recommend trying these programs out and seeing how it can help you make better choices as it did for me. – D. Randleman Sr.

My experience and testimony during Coach Lee’s communication program was life giving and has changed my perspective on effective communication forever, to say the least! Lee’s ability to provide a comfortable and intimate environment, apply effective strategies, relate, his ability to be transparent, and his “down to earth” mindset would leave me blown away week after week allowing me to open up more and more, continuing to have breakthroughs. It led me to uncontrollably believe in his faith that we possess all that we need to be successful at communication, we just have to redirect our focus. Also have a little push and accountability every once in a while. I want to thank Lee for all of the hard work that he was put in to this program and all that he has poured in to my wife and I. We owe the progress that has been made in our communication within our marriage, our family, and our world around us to Lee! This program has changed our life and I am so thankful, we are for ever in gratitude to Lee Grigsby! Thank you! – Te. Randleman

As I think back over the time that I have spent in coaching with Lee, I have formed a new kind of appreciation for him. My husband and I have completed three programs with Lee – two as an engaged couple and one as a married couple. I would like to say due to the coaching and the strategies we were taught that we have become a stronger couple together. I really appreciate all the work that Lee puts into our sessions to make them tailored to our needs as clients. If you are wanting to gain new habits that will stick with you for a lifetime then Coach Lee is the way to go! – Ta. Randleman

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