What we need more of right now…

While the bitmoji .gifs playfully and happily illustrate my point, I’ve been thinking a lot about the message they represent. What’s one thing that’s pretty much a constant and lasts longer than just about anything? Diamonds… well, nah. Money… nope. Material things or physical things (including our own bodies)… again, nope. What about feelings? AreContinue reading “What we need more of right now…”

Health related items and products

Being a health and life coach is not just about helping people change the food they eat or think about how they are feeling. It’s truly about reconnecting the mind and body to create a synergistic lifestyle in order to continually be that highest version of yourself! Well, that synergy also includes items and productsContinue reading “Health related items and products”

Spending time with the most important person in your life

Unprecedented and unsettling times we’re in right now… the things we thought were important and how we defined ourselves seem to be completely upside down! It can be a challenge to simply find your footing on a daily basis. While this COVID-19 pandemic has taken countless lives and continues to be relentless in its pursuitContinue reading “Spending time with the most important person in your life”

2020 = 20/20… A time for action, solutions, and healing

2020 is definitely not over and it’s not canceled! It’s an extreme understatement to say that there has been a lot of unrest over the past few weeks. This post is not about debating what you believe, not politicizing any views, or not trying to create any further discord than already exists. If you areContinue reading “2020 = 20/20… A time for action, solutions, and healing”

LiveAllGood Podcast

In this first episode of the LiveAllGood Podcast – Strength, Faith, and Mindset – I talk with Leona Grigsby. Correct, she’s my mom. But her story about faith and mindset is one worth hearing and the circumstances of dealing with this also show how important mental strength, faith, and mindset are in my life. WhileContinue reading “LiveAllGood Podcast”

“There is no spoon” mindset

Mindset… probably one of the most important things that affects us. Mindset is how you think, and how you think affects how you act. Guess what?… How you act then affects how you feel… are you seeing the pattern? Having a positive mindset is so critical to all aspects of our health…and having a positiveContinue reading ““There is no spoon” mindset”

Surviving the COVID-19 Pandemic

So much information going around… extremely difficult to figure out what’s good information, what information triggers more anxiety and fear, or simply what information you need to ignore and discard. We are literally figuring this out on the fly, but part of my job as a coach is to help provide curated information so youContinue reading “Surviving the COVID-19 Pandemic”