DOn’t quIT

I haven’t posted about my own training for awhile… because I didn’t feel like I was getting anything done!!! I’m sure we ALL have felt like that during this pandemic!! So I haven’t swam since February 2020… I haven’t done any strength workouts consistently, if at all… my diet has been just OK at bestContinue reading “DOn’t quIT”


Now that I have your attention (LOL)… Frequently you hear me talk about or read my posts about things like gratitude, positivity, and choosing kindness. While I may sound like a broken record, those things are truly important when trying to find peace and solid footing in times of uncertainty. You may also have questionsContinue reading “K.I.S.S.”

Gratefulness and Contentment

Over the last few weeks or so, I’ve been reflective on many things. The one thing that keeps coming up for me is being grateful for the people in my life and the things that I do have. Being in the practice of gratitude puts me in such a positive frame of mind and alsoContinue reading “Gratefulness and Contentment”


One truly important factor in the rebuild I began 25 years ago started with going to lunch with another one of my best friend’s fathers. He took me to lunch while I was in the midst of trying to recover and begin rebuilding myself from the extreme self-destructive cycle I was in from dealing withContinue reading “Rebuilding”

LiveAllGood updates and developments

Hey LiveAllGood family!! My apologies for missing my usual blog post a couple weeks ago, but my personal life has required a bit more attention and focus on being present than usual. No worries though, I am doing well and continuing to provide you with what I hope to be useful insights, information, and overallContinue reading “LiveAllGood updates and developments”

A good democracy requires civic participation… from ALL its citizens

While I know many people are skeptical (and with just cause) of government, do not let the selfishness and tyranny of misguided officials skew how representative democracy is supposed to work. I fully understand and know about the many constructs that are in place to suppress voters, and in particular minority voters. Please know thatContinue reading “A good democracy requires civic participation… from ALL its citizens”

A quick check in…

Along with things I mentioned in the video, please check out these links too… you might recognize some of them from podcast episodes in our Spotlight Series! Be sure to keep an eye on the nutrition page as it’s updated with new recipes every month! If there’s a recipe you’d like to share,Continue reading “A quick check in…”

Empower yourself fully by seeking the truth

It is CRITICAL to sift through information that is put out for consumption and be able to find THE TRUTH! I encourage and challenge you to take the time and find it for yourself… while I reference Nat Turner as a truth-seeker, a much more recent example of a truth-seeker would be the late ChadwickContinue reading “Empower yourself fully by seeking the truth”

Life’s Grand Illusion…

What is one of the biggest illusions that we use to create the stories we tell ourselves? Give up? It’s CONTROL. Yes, control. How often do you find yourself tired, stressed, and worn out and trying to orchestrate the outcome of something? And believe me, I understand because I do it too! We all doContinue reading “Life’s Grand Illusion…”