‚ÄúChampions are motivated by the idea that their security is in their ability to perform. The great ones live for challenge, and often they love the battle for the prize more than the prize itself. They love the battle because they expect to win, and their positive expectation continues to grow with each victory. ExtrinsicContinue reading “Security”

“I Choose You”

Well, as you know from previous posts, music is deeply part of my life! I definitely notice a difference when I haven’t listened to my playlist “Peace & Harmony” that lifts my soul! I have other playlists too – some for workouts and runs, others for keeping me focused while creating content. Here’s a favoriteContinue reading ““I Choose You””

Reign of Fire

Somehow, this movie “Reign of Fire” became a classic cult movie, and one of my favorites! If you’ve seen it, obviously without the dragons it might have been pretty dull and boring! While thinking about the movie and some of the scenes and imagery, I began to think about how we manage and/or feel pain.Continue reading “Reign of Fire”


As I stated in a previous post, music speaks to me often! Well, here’s another song that truly puts into words what many of us are experiencing with the current cycle of awakening/reckoning/call to action we are in… From their album “Miracle Pill”, the Goo Goo Dolls single “Fearless” truly puts words to what beingContinue reading “FEARLESS”

Your biggest frenemy!!!

Our minds are our greatest tool AND our greatest enemy! While our brains do some amazing things for us, they’re also our worst enemy! While it’s a necessary thing in the moment, our minds keep us from fully feeling painful or traumatic experiences by constructing a less damaging version of that very experience. Our mindsContinue reading “Your biggest frenemy!!!”

Stop touching the hot stove!!

Now that I have you’re attention… accountability is everything! Even more important is personal accountability! If you cannot be honest with yourself or keep your word with yourself, how do you expect others to do the same with you? So what does touching a hot stove have to do with accountability? Watch this clip IContinue reading “Stop touching the hot stove!!”

You folding or playing?

Make no mistake about it… the system we are all born into here in the U.S., the system that was created by the “forefathers” of this country, definitely needs to be replaced with a system that exemplifies and lives up to the actual words that those same forefathers wrote! Does that mean you cannot liveContinue reading “You folding or playing?”

What are you doing in your “In-between Season”?

If it’s not obvious, I’m a HUGE FAN of this brother Stephen R. Chandler and the Union Church!!! What he’s talking about in this clip… the “in-between season”… WOOO!!! We ALL have a gift to share with the world!! While God is working behind the scenes laying the groundwork for us to receive blessings ANDContinue reading “What are you doing in your “In-between Season”?”

Imagine… What if?

Sometimes, actually A LOT, music speaks to me! This song “Too Close” by Alex Clare speaks to me every time I listen to it and it’s one of my anchors!! While I realize it was most likely meant as a relationship breakup song, I’d like to offer this perspective… Often times when I’m coaching clients,Continue reading “Imagine… What if?”

Familiar and Comfortable…

The following video on Instagram is a great explanation of “comfort zone”. When you are making/have made changes in your life, especially when those new changes present some challenges, it is absolutely normal for us to want to go back to what is familiar! Growth and change requires effort and having an intentional thought processContinue reading “Familiar and Comfortable…”