Productive or Busy?

Trying to get into action without a good mindset is like trying to workout or exercise without warming up… you might get something done, but how effective will it be? Creating a positive mindset helps you with the clarity on your goal in order to take productive action steps, not just to be busy. TipContinue reading “Productive or Busy?”

Ready to Let Go?

While James Bay’s amazing song “Let It Go” (2014) focuses on a relationship with another person, I think it can actually speak to the relationship you have with yourself! Here are a few of the lyrics to illustrate my point… “All this delusion in our heads, Is gonna bring us to our knees” The longerContinue reading “Ready to Let Go?”

Life’s Grand Illusion…

What is one of the biggest illusions that we use to create the stories we tell ourselves? Give up? It’s CONTROL. Yes, control. How often do you find yourself tired, stressed, and worn out and trying to orchestrate the outcome of something? And believe me, I understand because I do it too! We all doContinue reading “Life’s Grand Illusion…”