Ready to find YOUR snapshot?

The photo is a “snapshot” of my mood and feeling at that moment in time… for the second time during that particular 7 day period, I had nothing scheduled on my to-do list! Yes, there were some things I wanted to get done, but nothing scheduled that was of absolute importance that needed to beContinue reading “Ready to find YOUR snapshot?”

Speak up, speak out, speak your truth

Please read my open letter on The Unsealed ( – written by Lauren) about how I felt walking through the neighborhood of Belle Haven (about a week before the letter was posted). Some very heavy and powerful emotions were triggered that day and it’s a shame for anyone to have to feel this way. LaurenContinue reading “Speak up, speak out, speak your truth”

A quick check in…

Along with things I mentioned in the video, please check out these links too… you might recognize some of them from podcast episodes in our Spotlight Series! Be sure to keep an eye on the nutrition page as it’s updated with new recipes every month! If there’s a recipe you’d like to share,Continue reading “A quick check in…”