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In this first episode of the LiveAllGood Podcast – Strength, Faith, and Mindset – I talk with Leona Grigsby. Correct, she’s my mom. But her story about faith and mindset is one worth hearing and the circumstances of dealing with this also show how important mental strength, faith, and mindset are in my life. While she was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer (peritoneal carcinoma) in December of 2018, she has already passed the typical life expectancy of someone diagnosed with this rare and incurable cancer. So in 2019, while helping my mom figure things out, I also continued on with several events as this was my biggest event year EVER… by far! I had been training for what would’ve been my first ever Olympic triathlon in August (see Chicago triathlon on my triathlon page). Well, mindset played a huge part all of 2019 as I trained, continued to deal with my mom, and then getting to Chicago and finding out (morning of the triathlon) the swim was shortened, then cancelled, due to unsafe swimming conditions in Lake Michigan. We stopped in Ohio before going to Chicago for a visit because I was not sure if this would be the last time we would see her alive. I had to bury that temporarily in order to be ready to compete at my best, and enjoy the family weekend in Chicago. I also stopped in Ohio on my way back from Chicago and with what you’ll hear in her own words in the podcast, I truly believed that would be the last time I saw her. And now here we are, getting close to 18 months from her diagnosis, and she’s still here and able to share her story. I’m here to tell you, strength, faith, and mindset are all critical to living the life you want and constantly striving to be the best version of yourself.–Faith–and-Mindset-eejr4b

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