Being A Better Man

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What Will You Learn?

  • Becoming a better father, husband, brother, son, friend, and overall man by learning better communication, gaining more awareness of your thoughts and actions, becoming more emotionally intelligent, and truly understanding how your actions affect others around you

Course Content

Welcome to the online course Being A Better Man!

Family Background
In this first topic of the course, Family Background, we explore what our family history is... that means how we grew up and how the adults in our lives influenced us

Being A Man
What are some things you think it takes to be a man? In this topic - Being a Dad and a Man - we look at many things that help us improve on being men!

Emotions... they control you or you control them, pretty simple. Yet, if it was that simple, we'd all be in control of our emotions right? This lesson is exploring emotions and how to work through them more productively

Live Group Coaching Call
This is the link to the live zoom call at the end of every month for all class participants

Grief and Loss
An introduction to grief, the grief process, and the different ways people grieve. There will also be a discussion on grief and mourning and the different ways people mourn.

This topics looks at how you can improve and maintain your physical health and why it's important

This topic revolves around the relationship with moms - your children's mom and there will be a discussion about the relationship with your own mom and how that affects you

Live Group Coaching Call – JUNE 25th 2022
Join the LIVE coaching call with the zoom link in the lesson

Communication is critical in every relationship you have - at home, at work, with your kids, and your friends. This topic looks at the different ways people think and process communication

Parenting, and co-parenting, can be extremely challenging and even cause some major problems between you and the other parent. In this topic, we take a deeper look into parenting and how to get better at it

There's nothing like being a dad and/or a father figure! It's important to know that being a dad and a father figure includes more than just being a provider. We look at those things in this topic of fatherhood.

Live Group Coaching Call – JULY 30th 2022
Join the LIVE coaching call with the link in the lesson

Child Development
Understanding child development is important, just like it's important to understand adults, because everyone is different and unique

Child Discipline
Discipline is important but it's not the same thing as punishment. We dive into discipline and what it looks like this week

Sexuality is not the same thing as sex. Sex is not the only part of sexuality. We take a closer look at sexuality with this topic

Live Group Coaching Call – AUGUST 27th 2022
Join the LIVE coaching call with the link in the lesson

Similar to sexuality, intimacy is not sex or only about sex. We discuss intimacy this week

Work Life Balance
Having a balance between your work/career, family, and time for yourself can ultimately be challenging. We take a look at how to work on that balance in this topic

Spending every last dime you have or pinching every penny... which is it? Hmmm...

Live Group Coaching Call – SEPTEMBER 24th 2022
Join the LIVE coaching call with the link in the lesson

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