Your biggest frenemy!!!

Our minds are our greatest tool AND our greatest enemy! While our brains do some amazing things for us, they’re also our worst enemy! While it’s a necessary thing in the moment, our minds keep us from fully feeling painful or traumatic experiences by constructing a less damaging version of that very experience. Our minds might even completely bury that experience as if it did not happen! What happens when you shake a bottle of soda that’s capped? What happens if you bury it in the sand? Eventually it’s going to exploded! Our brains help disconnect and detach us from our intuition, especially to rationalize a choice, experience, or pattern that does not align with living up to our greatness! Yet, our intuition is exactly the thing we should be listening to!!

In order to manage our traumatic or painful experiences instead of letting them explode, we have to become aware of our triggers. We must feel through them, understand them, and then forgive ourselves so we can let go of the experience and trauma from the past. Once we can let go, only then will we truly begin to prosper (move forward, flourish, succeed)…

Ready to being prospering? Ready to move forward and flourish? Leave a comment or connect with me to begin that journey!

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