Focus… what?

Do you agree that distractions are everywhere? We all get distracted – with both positive and negative distractions. How do we reel in those distractions, you ask? By learning to use focus. So what is focus? I define focus as the ability to organize the distractions so you can take clear actions toward your goals. Think of it like recycling – some distractions will get reused (the positive ones), and others will get reduced or recycled (the negative ones). One of the most important tools to organizing those distractions is mindfulness/meditation. Meditation can help you clear away all the noise and zero in on what’s important for the goal/task at hand.

Blurred text with a focus on success

I realized what focus was when my daughter’s class did an exercise trying to identify distractions while practicing meditation. She had 14 distracting thoughts in 1 minute of intentional mindfulness. While that’s not surprising to me because she’s 11.

I wonder how many distracting thoughts YOU have during 1 minute of intentional mindfulness… the better you can train your brain to serve you in an efficient way, the faster your goals can be reached while enjoying the journey along the way! Go be great!!

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